Philosophy (continued)

Anyone getting to know the different cultures of East and West will soon say: there are significant differences! But just these differences help us get to know each other, waking us up – sometimes roughly other times gently. At every moment, these differences have the ability to enrich us.

This applies not only to cultural life in general but also for business culture.

This is generally recognized today: if you want successful transactions with partners from other countries, you should be familiar with the culture and business culture of your counterpart. And, whenever possible, so too with your partner‘s language. Particularly in economic relations between Eastern and Western Europe such competence will open doors, making a basis for security in the partnership. In addition to expert knowledge, better products and exceptional service, this point is crucial for sound contract closing.

KOW would like to build a bridge. We are pleased to bring to bear for you our expertise in imports and exports, bilateral trade relations, regional knowledge, and languages.  And we would like to become a partner over time - as long as you need us.